CashLink Setup


As a part of CBK's efforts to give our customers secure access to financial transactions, we have designed the CashLink platform. This forms yet another application in our eChannel applications suite. This application lets a CBK customer execute financial transactions by using an ATM card inserted in a Smart Card reader attached to a computer. Two types of financial transactions are available for now: Fund transfer to any account in CBK, and salary payment to company's employees. More types of transactions will be added in the future.

In addition to reading an ATM card, the opening page of CashLink allows reading a Civil ID card as well. By inserting a Civil ID card in the smart card reader, card's data is captured and the content will be available for other services like preparing Labor Account Opening Application, remote updating Civil ID expiry date, ..etc.


Windows 7 (Service Pack 1) and above, Internet Explorer, Smart Card reader.

Step 1

A CBK ATM card has to be registered as an Authentication Card at the following branches : Jleeb Al Shyoukh, Reqaee & Labour Unit, 6th Ring Road.

Step 2

Attach a Smart Card reader and verify it's working properly.

Step 3

Download setup.exe to install the CashLink application.

Step 4

Start the application by clicking on the CBK Star Icon on the Desktop.

Step 5

Insert the registered Authentication Card in the Smart Card reader and type in the PIN.

Step 6

Upon a successful authentication, remove the Authentication Card and insert any CBK ATM card you want to execute a financial transaction with. Type in it's PIN and CashLink page will open. To execute transactions with other ATM cards, just remove the current ATM card and insert another ATM card and so on.